Key Anti-Fraud Measures Taken by Tamabet

Tamabet is a trustworthy online betting site in the Philippines. In every nation we operate in, we abide by the regulations. Furthermore, we’re officially backed and certified by the Independent International Online Gaming Regulator in Curacao. You can therefore be confident that everything we do is honest and compliant.

Our company strives to combat against all kinds of fraud following these procedures:

  • We guarantee the security of your data and will not disclose it to other parties unless required by law.
  • We leverage the use of special codes to safeguard every transaction carried out on the site.
  • Our business exclusively collaborates with reliable and trustworthy payment systems. Moreover, by verifying their accounts, it ensures that only the account owners are able to withdraw funds. 

Fraud Committed by a Client

Following are some client behaviors that Tamabet Philippines may suspect of being fraudulent, as well as examples in which the client may have laundered money:

  • In the event that a client deposits money on the platform but conceals the source of the money or their transfer patterns (how they’re being moved around).
  • If a client moves money between accounts before putting it on the platform, purposefully making it difficult to track the path of the money.
  • If a client attempts to make use of funds on the platform that they obtained through fraud in another nation.

Tamabet Client Safeguarding Initiative

Learn about the array of policies that Tamabet Bookmaker has put in place to guarantee excellent client security and thwart fraudulent activity that can jeopardize accounts or personal information:

KYC Verification

User verification is required before anyone can cash out their winnings. This ensures that the individual withdrawing money from the account is the same person who created it. It also makes transaction and deposit processes more transparent.

Contact Details Confirmation

By verifying the email addresses and phone numbers registered in their personal accounts, users give permission for BMY999 to contact them in the event that more information is required.

Payment Verification

he platform performs manual and automated payment checks, allowing for an in-depth examination of any suspicious activity.

Security Checks

Security Check is conducted on a periodic basis by. Therefore, don't be shocked if you receive an email requesting for more identity verification. All this is done solely for the purpose of customer security.

Collaboration with Regulatory Bodies

Tamabet works closely with Philippine regulatory bodies, including the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). This partnership reinforces the platform's dedication to upholding a safe and reliable betting environment by guaranteeing that Tamabe complies fully with regional laws and regulations.

Education and Awareness Initiatives

Tamabet is committed to enlightening clients about typical online frauds and best practices to avoid becoming a victim. By means of educational blog entries, tutorials, and interactive manuals, we enable clients to identify and steer clear of possible threats, promoting a safer virtual betting environment for all.

​​These guidelines make it easier to spot indications of fraud and potential money laundering on BMY999, enabling us to act swiftly to safeguard other users.


Tamabet protects user data stored on its platform with robust safety  protocols and data security procedures. This entails following industry best practices for data protection, conducting periodic security audits, and maintaining a secure server infrastructure.

To prevent unauthorized access, Tamabet utilizes proactive account monitoring and multi-factor authentication (MFA) techniques. We strongly advise that you use strong passwords, and in the event that suspicious behavior is detected, you might be requested to provide extra identification verification.

Tamabet has a dedicated customer support team to look into disputes and investigate fraudulent claims promptly. Clients can get help from these customer service representatives via a variety of methods, and Tamabet has fair and open dispute resolution procedures in place.

Tamabet uses advanced algorithms and monitoring systems to detect suspicious betting patterns or possible signs of cheating. To ensure fairness and integrity in its operations, the platform also works with independent third-party auditors and regularly audits its systems.

Yes. Tamabet works closely with regional regulatory agencies like PAGCOR and has the official support and certification of respectable regulatory entities like the Independent International Online Gaming Regulator in Curacao. This implies that Tamabet maintains transparency and integrity in its business practices while operating in complete conformity with local laws and regulations.